CBSE provide students to evaluated their Answer Sheets for class Xth and XIIth Board examinations

The Central Board of secondary educational (CBSE) started providing photocopies to students for Evaluated Answer sheets from year 2012. However, customary Xth students can get their evaluated answer sheets solely once info relating to marks has been blocked out, keeping in line with the Board’s grading policy wherever actual marks don’t seem to be disclosed. Now the students can get the answers sheet check by paying minimal amount of fee to the CBSE board.

CBSE Books make the mind of the students sharp so that they would not get any type of difficulty in their future. NCERT Solutions also helps students in understanding in an effective way the solutions and the logic behind a thing.

  • A fee of Rs. 500/- per subject in the form of Demand Draft has to be given for this.
  • If a candidate finds any error in the totaling of the marks or found that any answer has not been left unchecked then he/she could get that mistake corrected and communicate in writing to the Regional Office before a period of 10 days from the date of answer sheet evaluated.

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